DIY- Organic Kajal At Home

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I’d be laughing if someone had told me this before. But I tried this by myself and it works !

Kajal is an important part of every Indian girl’s makeup vanity, isn’t it? We will be disclosing this easy peasy DIY of making organic Kajal at home with only three things! Yes, you read it right you need only three things. 

Is Kajal Beneficial?

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The Surma aka Kajal has been used in Asian history for more than 5000 years. Organic or homemade Kajal can be extremely beneficial for your eyes. As it keeps your eyes moisturised and hydrated. Also, it cleans your eyes and relaxes the irritated eyes. 

Now let’s dive into the secret recipe for organic kajal !

Ingredients :

  • Cotton 
  • Carom seeds (Ajwain)
  • Ghee ( Indian Butter)

You will also need a Bronze utensil for the process.

Method :

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  1. First, you need cotton , you can start shaping it into a square like a blanket and make it even all around.
  2. Second, you need to put a half spoon of carom seeds into that square cotton piece and fold it.
  3. Third, you can cover that cotton in Ghee (Indian butter).
  4. Now in this last step, you keep that cotton in a utensil that can’t catch fire and set cotton on fire using a matchstick. Be careful !
  5. You need to hold a bronze utensil over it in an upward direction almost like a cap .

Voilà!! You are good to go. You can keep that Kajal in a powder form or you can mix Ghee (Indian butter) in it according to your amount and make it like the markets.

Kajal Tips As Makeup

  • You can use Kajal on Indian wear, It is always a trend.
  • Use the kajal over a pimple to pass it off as a beauty spot.
  • Use Kajal to darken or create a ombre eyeshadow effect
  • Instantly add definition to your eyes.
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Hopefully, this natural blend will help you save a quick buck. Not to mention the fact that is organic. If you are allergic to certain ingredients please consult with a dermatologist. While I personally recommend this, I would like to add some disclaimers. Please do not experiment around children. Also, keep in mind to test the final product with a patch test.

If you have any doubts do check with your local doctor as well !

Cheers !