Diwali marks the loss of evil over good. The air is filled with triumph and prosperity. The darkness of the year gone by is washed by bright lights. People gather to celebrate the aura of purity and the festive spirit warms all our hearts.

While our houses are cleaned and all decked up, we often forget about ourselves. Traditions of Diwali tell us to don new clothes that are colourful and vibrant. But amidst all the planning, we often rarely get time to pick the right outfit.

But fret not, I have curated a guide to looking all lit up this diwali. I obviously won’t bore you with the descriptions of each outfit, but rather allow you find creativity in saying yes to the attire !

So without further ado, lets light up this Diwali with these statement pieces.

Modern Diwali

Traditional OutPost

Glam & Glitter

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