DIVORCE: Is Not An End !


An ideal relationship involves togetherness,happiness and growth . A balance between two personalities. However, when the going gets tough we are told to try harder. Society labels divorce as taboo. A disgrace! 

Yet, sometimes the only respite to our pain and clashes is to go separate ways. 

Calling it quits doesn’t mean you gave up. What it truly means is that you tried, learnt and have arrived at the conclusion that moving forward is the best decision.

The Underrated Self Love

We are taught that love comes from another. Rarely are we schooled to believe in self love. Our needs are often dependent on our partners. This oftentimes relays into us sticking in a stagnant relationship. With no room to grow, we begin to inch towards enmity. Getting divorced does not mean you have to hate your ex- partner or you are arch rivals.It simply means you both respect each other’s decisions.

 Self-love and self esteem is the most important thing. If your relationship has irrevocably broken down, it’s better to separate rather than live in a toxic marriage. Loving and putting yourself first doesn’t make you selfish. It is what makes you stronger. Don’t worry about other’s opinions because it is your life.

Divorce Goals For Women Of Color: 

Getting out of a marriage will allow you to begin a new journey. Society tells us this is the end. We will be spinsters all our life, love will never come knocking and we will remain shunned. 

But this is just an old wife’s tale. Thousands of couples divorce only to emerge finding true love or scaling new heights in their careers. The stereotypical thinking that Indian marriages are sacred to the point of sustaining abuse and unhappiness is close to pathetic. It is about time we choose the ‘US’ ! 

Knowing only too well that by choosing to end a toxic relationship serves both partners and children involved. Bringing up a child in a toxic hate filled home can be detrimental to their young minds. It also teaches them that abuse, fighting and unhappiness in marriage is a norm .


Recently, Actor Amir and wife Kiran,  got divorced as they chose to live in harmony rather than bickering. Sources reveal the duo, “  will work together in the future and will be loving parents to their kid “ . This attitude can do wonders in this type of separation. Thus, getting divorced is not the end but a beginning to a new adventure. It will take you on a journey of finding your true self . Oftentimes even opening doors for newer and more beautiful experiences. 

Life is just like a plate of momos with different fillings. You get to know it only when you taste it.Similarly, in life you can unravel your potential and inner self only when you dare to venture to try something new. Sometimes it’s going to be harsh.

In the end,in all probability you will love it !