Hyperpigmentation Hacks For Indian Skin


Sunspots have become every girls worst nightmare. But us Indian girls are more so the victim to them than others. This is because of the higher levels of melanin in our hair and skin. The higher the concentration of melanin the more chances of dark spots on the skin.

There are three types of hyperpigmentation :

  1. Melasma – It is caused due to hormonal changes majorly when a women is pregnant.
  2. Sunspots – Our worst enemy is caused by exposure to the sun without any protective sunscreen.
  3. Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation- Commonly in the form of acne as a reaction to inflammation.

The good news in all this is that hyperpigmentation is not permanent. There are ways to lighten and rid our skin of them.

Dermatologists swear by the use of sunscreen during the day both indoors and outdoors. The SPF value should be around 50. It is important to re apply the the sunscreen if you are sweating or as a general rule every 3 hours.

If you already have some hyperpigmentation and here is how you can treat it:

Actively apply sunscreen and use medicinal grade medication for stubborn spots. Magic ingredients to look for in the cream or medicine are AHA’s (Kojic Acid), retinol and Arbutin. If you are pregnant or lactating steer clear from retinol.

Other options include IPL ( Intense Pulse Light Therapy) treatment, face acids, chemical peels and laser resurfacing.

If you prefer taking a more natural route increase your intake of Vitamin C through citrus fruits. Also adding antioxidants and anti inflammatories helps.

Understanding the needs of our Indian skin is very essential to making sure that we provide the best care. The right care leads to flawlessness. Since our Indian skin has the propensity to be most affected, prevention is key.

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