Is cyber crime your fault ? If you are wondering this, keep reading!

Digitalisation of the world led to digitalisation of crime. Furthermore, to harassment of women. Women are often targeted with obnoxious responses, morphing and voyeurism. Their only crime is self expression. The result is cyber pornography attacks.


MORPHING – Modifying a woman’s photograph in a lewd way and publishing or transmitting it in electronic form (or physically) is a crime. It’s a punishable offence under sections 292, 500 and 509 of Indian penal code. It includes publicly exhibiting and distributing obscene material. Even words, gestures, acts and defamation are considered under this.

VOYEURISM – Publishing or transmitting photographs/videos of women’s intimate areas or women involved in any intimate acts without their consent is a crime. It’s a punishable offence under section 354C of IPC and also under section 66E of Information & Technology Act.

CYBERSTALKING – Invigilating and monitoring digital actions of a woman and recurrently approaching regardless of her refusal (also includes hacking of digital media Accounts) is a crime. It’s a punishable offence under section 354D of IPC.

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CYBER DEFAMATION AND THREATENING – Damaging a woman’s reputation in society and criminal intimidation through electronic media is crime. It’s a punishable offence under sections 500, 469 and 503 of Indian penal code. It deals with defamation, criminal intimidation and forgery harming the reputation of a woman.

CYBER PORNOGRAPHY – Creating, Selling and distributing pornographic material through electronic medium is illegal in India. It’s a punishable offence under section 292 of IPC and under section 67 of IT ACT.


  • You can file a complaint in any cyber crime cell in India. If you don’t have access to the cyber crime cell then you can lodge a FIR .
  • You can also file a complaint online at your state’s website. For instance this Cyber Crime Cell Report a Crime – Delhi  is the website for Delhi. 

If you are not in your country contact the nearest police station . You can also contact the crime branch of your county or state. 

In the end all I would like to say is the shame isn’t yours. You shouldn’t accept the unjust society and crimes. Fight for your rights!