Brown Girl’s Guide To Being Your True Self


Empowered women are powerful beyond measure. However, many of us are subjected to stereotypes and prejudices. This holds us back from finding our true identity.

Breaking these shackles we bring you 3 ways to shatter the glass ceiling and find the real you ! 

1. Chuck Societies Norms In A Bin !

“Behave yourself, don’t talk loudly, stay in your limits” . Don’t we hear this everyday ? Oftentimes, these phrases conform us to what is expected. The Solution is :

Push your limits. Do what you want to do, and be unapologetic in your way !

Find out your interests and skills, your ideology, and everything that makes you, you. The real you knows what works best for you. Don’t be afraid of breaking preconceived rules thrust upon you by society. After all, well behaved women rarely make history !

2. Know Your Worth !

Credit : Al Jazeera

It is a widely acknowledged fact that women in India tend to undervalue themselves. This leads to a lower self esteem. Every woman should know that her presence creates a difference in the world. Stop undermining yourself!

Learn to seek self validation rather than waiting for someone else to stand up for you. Self affirmation is the road to acknowledging your own individuality.

3. Embrace your skin !

In a society where only a certain kind of skin tone and body shape is considered ideal, women are always expected to adhere to a set standard of beauty. The obsession with physical features like having fair and blemish-free skin, being tall and weighing light has lead women of colour to believe that only by fulfilling this ‘criteria’ shall they be truly accepted by society.

Learn to love your body the way it is, care for it, and feel comfortable in your skin. Being beautiful is considered a virtue for a female, but what our society fails to understand is that true beauty lies in the uniqueness of one’s personality and ideas. 

These 3 steps will help you gain control of your life and destiny.

Congratulations, now you are completely qualified to take on your world and be the master of your own will!