5 Web Series Every Woman Should Watch


As brown women, we often struggle a lot to find content online that is relatable to us and speaks for us. In our quest of finding content that truly speaks to ourselves, we end up circling and surfing through the internet, in a loop.

But, worry no more, as I bring you the list of 5 very relatable webseries that will forever leave a mark on you!

 Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Credit : Nerd Daily

As white as the name may sound, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is one of the greatest watches of all time. And yes, relatable for women of color too! 

Though a very light-hearted show, Brooklyn Nine-Nine has more to offer. It knows how to deal with relevant social issues without imposing righteousness. Rather tackles issues through comedy.

The season starts from the entry of a black-gay police captain. As the story develops, his struggles are made visible to the audience. The show also deals with issues like racial discrimination, homophobia, and gender issues. It includes patriarchy, sexual assault, and gender discrimination in the workplace without losing the comedic character. 

So how is it relevant to women of color, you may ask? The police precinct depicted in the series is filled with diversity. The two main characters is Latina women. Furthermore, issues like homophobia and coming out to parents, gender discrimination, internalized misogyny in the family gives a very similar brown family undertone.

The Bold Type

Credit : Forbes / Freeform

The Bold Type is all for women of color! The series deals with the discrimination faced by women of color in the US and sensitizes the audience on institutionalized white privilege.

The series also deals with topics like exploring sexuality, gender discrimination at the workplace, sexual assault, sexism, and most importantly gives out the message of women supporting other women! And that my girls, is the need of the hour!

Jacqueline Carlyle’s character also sets an outstanding example of a leader, who looks after her team and fights for them!

Four More Shots Please

Credit : Santa Banta / Prime Original

One of the most suitable series for brown women is Four More Shots Please. The story revolves around four women Anjana, Damini, Umang, and Siddhi, each one of them fighting their own battle, but at the end of the day also have each other’s back!

These four women, like us, also have once in their lives felt like they were a disappointment to their family, but they were brave enough to get it all together to stand up for themselves.

The most important message that this series gives out is that women could be anyone that they want to be! They do not have to fit into the societal standards of femininity. And that feminism is for women to feel empowered regardless of their shape, size, color, and status!

Delhi Crime

Credit : Netflix / India.com

Delhi Crimes, a Netflix series based on the Nrbhaya incident, is a must-watch, as it depicts the reality of every woman in India. The series highlights crime against women in India and reveals the deep-rooted patriarchy in Indian society.

Shefali Shah’s character as the DCP is a role that most brown women will find relatable- a mother of a young daughter, juggling several things at once and hoping the best of all for her daughter. Shefali’s character is that of a strong, goal-oriented woman, who, despite all the hurdles, makes sure to reach her goal.

The series altogether deals with a very sensitive issue and is a mirror image of Indian society.

The Handmaid’s Tale

Credit: Elle Magazine

Last but not least is The Handmaid’s Tale, based on the novel written by Margaret Artwood.

The series revolves around June or OfFred, who fights against the ills of Gilead that is trying to suppress her and many other women like her because they broke the stereotypes.

Not only does this series encourage women to stand up for themselves despite all the odds; the series is said to inspire the Indian dystopian series- Leila (BBC News).

With the growing sentiments of revivalism everywhere, series like The Handmaid’s Tale and Leila, though exaggerated, push women to think.

I hope these series incite a spark of passion in all of you as it did me !