All You Need To Know About – MAMMOPLASTY


Small, big, or asymmetrical, most of us don’t feel satisfied with our breast size. Women of color are even body shamed for not having perfect breasts. I believe all breasts are rad. There’s no proper size or shape. Many people keep pointing out how small or big someone’s breasts are but they don’t understand this could affect the person psychologically. Nevertheless, your happiness or choice is what truly matters !

Are you highly concerned about your breast size? Does it make you feel conscious and insecure all the time? Then cosmetic surgeries do have options to shape your breasts and make them healthy. 

Mammoplasty includes surgeries performed on breasts- to modify the breast’s appearance. Also, to treat breast cancer. With the help of surgery, breasts can be reduced, augmented, or reconstructed. The terms used for all these surgeries are- Augmentation Mammoplasty, Breast Reduction, and Breast Reconstruction, respectively. 

Let’s dive into these terms and discuss the complications and benefits.

Augmentation Mammoplasty

This surgery is for all my women of color who desire to enhance their breast size. Women get this surgery done for various purposes. Consultation is necessary before the surgery. The surgeon gives an overview of the surgical procedure, the risks, and after-care to the patient. This surgery requires breast implants.

There are two types of breast implants: a silicone shell filled with saline (saltwater) or silicone gel. For saline-filled implants, FDA requires patients to be a minimum of 18 years old. For silicone implants, 22 years is the minimum requirement. This surgery is beneficial for women with breast cancer or smaller breasts. 

Breast Reduction

For reducing the volume of breasts, reduction mammoplasty takes place. Due to heavy breasts, many women suffer physical pain and discomfort. It includes neck and back pain, rashes beneath breasts, shoulder pain, irritation, etc. Hypermastia impacts them psychologically as well. So breast reduction is helpful to minimize such problems. 

It is possible to experience a change in breast sensation and unfavorable scarring. Also, inability to breastfeed after breast reduction surgery. The patient needs to undergo a Complete Blood Count test to avoid any complications and fulfill the goal of this surgery.

Breast Reconstruction

Many women undergo a mastectomy as a treatment for breast cancer. They prefer breast reconstruction surgery to rebuild the shape after the treatment. It is even considered to feel better about your body. If you’re thinking of getting this done, you should contact an experienced plastic surgeon. Breast reconstruction comes with many complications. Bleeding, problems with anesthesia, infection in the area of the surgery are possible risks. If you smoke, have diabetes, are obese, or have hypertension, there’s a greater risk of developing an infection.

Mastopexy Or Breast Lift

Credit : Plastic Surgery In Poland

It’s a procedure of lifting your breasts, reshaping them, and giving them a firmer look. It includes removing the extra skin around your breasts. Women consider this surgery when their breasts start to sag or droop.

After this surgery, your breasts may get swollen or sore for a few weeks. You might experience mild pain. It may take 6 to 12 weeks for breasts to reach their final shape. 

If you decide to undergo any of these surgeries, consult with an experienced and trusted surgeon. Ask your queries regarding risks and complications. Also, how long will it take you to recover? Stay in contact with your surgeon for after-care procedures. Decide what’s necessary for your body and self-esteem based on your needs.

If you are considering any of these options know that is your personal choice. Choosing to go in for a breast surgery should be your call. If you are being forced into thinking you need one , this will not end well for you. Accepting yourself is what makes you special!