AFGHAN VOICES : Exclusive Interview with Sadiqa Madadgar


Her voice is like no other. Its sails through the pain and strife in her country. It is soothing and reassuring. Her song is one of strength and resilience. It is a song of freedom and truth- one that every Afghan deserves.

With thousands of followers on Instagram and nearly 350,000 on TikTok, she influences and inspires thousands of women from Afghanistan and abroad.

As we connected with the Afghan Star Sadiqa Madadgar we were reminded of sheer strength in these perilous times. Sadiqa Madadgar rose to prominence after her participation in Afghan Star. This is a television series that auditions singers from all over the country. Only the very talented make it to the auditions. Sadiqa is one of them.

Thousands of little girls in Afghanistan look up to Sadiqa Madadgar as a symbol of freedom, beauty and success. She is an epitome of women empowerment. However, as we talk to her in this exclusive interview we wonder how she will guide these young women into this new era.

Let’s see what she has to say :

What Does The Future Hold For You ?

There’s nothing left here for women influencers in this country. The world must know we are not safe here anymore. Don’t believe The Taliban, they just act.

Can you share what the Sharia Law Means To You ?

I have not read the full law that these people made because I don’t accept them. Besides this, I am sure they won’t follow what they say.

Since you are a singer, how is Sharia Law going to affect you on a personal level?

According to Sharia Music is Haram especially for women. Obviously, They won’t allow me to continue even they will force me to repent that music is Haram.

With the shift in power, how is the perspective changed for Afghanistan as a “home”, for female influencers like you? 

We are not safe anymore. They bound us and they won’t allow us to carry on ahead.

Afghan women were forbidden to be breadwinners so they were dependent on men to simply exist. You broke the norms and took your life in control. What challenges did you face?

According to their law, I don’t have the right to go outside without any male family member. I thought a lot but I could not comprehend WHY? I am mature enough to take of myself. I won’t give anyone to control my freedom.

The Taliban says they will protect women’s rights. What’s your opinion?

I don’t trust them. For Taliban women are prisoners if they don’t follow their rules, they will harm them.

As writers, we are doing our jobs to carry your voice to the world. What more could be done to help you and preserve your rights?

The World should know that women are not safe anymore. Don’t believe The Taliban. They just act.

UNICEF says some Taliban support education for Afghan girls. Do you think it’s a hoax?

Yes, I am sure it is a hoax to hide their future plan. 

Women like Sadiqa know how hard life is going to be in Afghanistan. They could get harmed. They could get killed. What’s the end for us, is their beginning! They pledge to fight.