A Modern Twist To Your Saree


In India, sarees embody culture and traditions. From Gujarat to Assam and Punjab to Kerala, we have sarees to represent their cultures. The ethnicity of a saree is unmatched. A woman in a saree looks much more graceful and elegant than any other outfit. That’s the reason for a saree being the favorite choice for us at any wedding or special occasion. 

Sarees have traveled through the decades. They have been explored, experimented and re-styled. Traditional sarees have given a modern transformation we cannot resist. Now with the typical traditional style, we also have many other varieties to explore our look. It has now become a massive part of our fashion. Now is the time for us to try out the 21st-century sarees style. 

Let us show you the diversity of sarees! These modern-style saree will make you wish to add some them to your wardrobe. So, get ready to fall in love with sarees.


Organza sarees, one of the most popular choices among women today. They look elegant and classy. It has a thin and sheer fabric that balloons-up on wearing. It gives you a charming look with minimal effort. They come in varieties- printed organza, organza silk, embroidered organza. Whether you have a party or a wedding, an organza saree can rock your look. Trust me, your wardrobe is incomplete without an organza saree. 


The best part of saree’s is they never go out of fashion. They keep getting reinvented in terms of design, fabrics, or draping style. Currently, ruffle sarees are the talk of the town. This invention is stunning. The fusion of traditional saree with the western style gives it a vibrant and dreamy look. The frills in this contemporary saree give a fishtail effect and highlight the lower body. These are trendy and stylish. So what are you waiting for? Go get one and explore the indo-western vibe!


A ‘must-have in your closet’ saree. Satin sarees are the epitome of opulence, elegance, and sophistication. It is known all over the world. The satin fabric has a shiny gloss and is silky and smooth. Even celebrities opt for this saree for their red carpet looks. This saree gives a feel of the diva. You can wear satin sarees in various styles. But if you ask me, I would want you to style your satin saree with a stunning corset belt. This will surely make heads turn. Give it a try! 


Are you the one who loves shimmer? If yes, a sequin saree is the one for you. You would have seen many B-town actresses getting gaga over sequined sarees. There must be a reason, right? This saree would make you look nothing less than a star. You can wear this saree on both casual and formal occasions. However, it is admired mainly for a party look because of its embellished work. There are different fabrics for sequin work sarees- georgette, net, nylon, chiffon, etc. Styling your sequin saree with the right ornament and blouse is very important. So too much bling would not hurt eyes. These dazzling sarees are the perfect choice to flaunt glamour. 


Are you ready to get quirky? Wearing a saree in new and different ways is trendy. As the name itself tells, this saree gives a dhoti look. It is one of many modern saree draping styles. Drape your saree over your leggings and wear it in a dhoti style. It will give you a fancy look. To make a statement, pair your saree with a chic blouse and ornaments that complement your whole look. You cannot miss out on this draping style!

There are many ways you can drape a simple traditional saree and give it a modern twist. Some of the modern ways to wear sarees are- pant style, crop top saree style, pleated pant style, cape style, and so many others. 

Do let us know about your favorite modern twist in traditional saree by dropping a comment in the comment section below.